Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Book Paparazzi Gets Another Paparazzi!

Hi everybody! So, I just wanted to drop by really quickly and tell you all that I'm the new "paparazzi" here at the Book Paparazzi! I'm going to be covering book releases (I already have all of August and September's releases put into a note and ready to be posted :)) and blog tours! So if any of you have some awesome releases or blog tours you want me to post about, I thought (well, Nikki thought) I should to a proper introduction and tell you all about me, however boring that may be. (Hey, that totally rhymed!)

My name's Eileen, and you *may* already know me from this blog, ***Singing and Reading in the Rain*** or YA Bound. I am the kooky owner of ***Singing and Reading in the Rain***, a book and song blog (there's actually a song cover on my blog today!) and the co-blogger of YA Bound, a group of fantastic authors (and a few bloggers). Anyway, if you haven't heard of me before, maybe you've heard of my craziness on Twitter. I mean, I can conjure up some pretttyyy insane psychotic tweets.

Anyways, that introduction aside, there isn't much to tell about me other than the fact that I love books, I want to be a singer when I grow up, and I own a blog. If you want to find me, there are plenty of ways to do so, so if you want, you can check out my blog and befriend me, but just as a warning, I will stalk your blog if you do. o.O


  1. Eileen who?
    Ha ha -- kidding. You're one of my favorites!
    Now I'm going to go ask you another question on Twitter....

  2. LOL..YAY! welcome Eileen! <3 ya for the help & crazy psychotic tweets, is SO TRUE! =D

  3. That's so cool you are joining! I love your blog :)