Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday Round of Giveaways!

This is going to be one of our weekly things that we'll be doing on The Book Paparazzi. I, Lisseth, will bring you alerts on some AWESOME giveaways! If you know or are starting one & would like it to be mentioned here, then you are more than welcomed to email me HERE:
These are some giveaways that I found & of course, entered!
Literature lion's 200 Followers Giveaway:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Launch Giveaway!

So here's out lauch giveaway to incite your viewers to follow and spread the word!
What are we giving away?
5 books total! What books? I'm afraid we can't tell you that! But rest assured, they're all, in fact, YA fiction and are definitely awesome.
Rules of the Giveaway:
*US only! sorry! We can't afford to ship international.
*All false entries WILL be deleted.
*Entering twice will result in disqualification
*You must be 13 or older or have parent's permission to enter
*Any lost books will not be our fault. Post Offices are mean like that..
Now just do what the Rafflecopter says, and pray you win!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Thanks 4 stopping by & Share the news with EVERYONE!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Introductions, Introductions: Nikki

Hello, random people!

As Lisseth already said, Book Paparazzi is a place for cover reveals, author tour schedules, title reviews, a giveaway alert here and there, and other bookish news!

So onto me...warning: mine won't be as pretty as Lisseth's intro since a) I have no idea how to do those colorful text boxes and b) I'm  not addicted to making banners and buttons. ;)

Fiction Freak
I'm the blogger over at Fiction Freak, the YA blog full of reviews and interviews!

I love singing (choir girl here. We seriously need to learn better songs...), reading which is definitely obvious, chatting randomly with friends both in the blogosphere and out. I also randomly slap people when laughing or ranting at a character in the book. You have been warned.

I hate writing mini bios...which is why this one isn't so interesting, cake (I know, I know), and bugs. I hate bugs. A lot. An clowns. I hate clowns *shudders*
As for likes...
Books, reading, swimming, laughing, friends, plaing on the phone, facebook, twitter, blogs, giveaways, string, cats, dogs, things that scare me, and things that make me want to stuff them in my pocket. I know. I'm random.

Random Stuff
I have a bad case of stage-fright. Publishers always seem intimidating. So do other giant bloggers. And my mom when she's angry. That's always intimidating.
I lose stuff a lot. I lost my flashdrive twice and had to get a new one which I then broke. And now I have a new one that I lost several times, but thankfully got it back.
Favorite colors: Silver, turquoise, blue, and lavender. Yeah, I'm girly like that.
Skirts? Ew. Jeans? THANK YOU LORD.

Find Me...
Blog: Fiction Freak
Goodreads: Nikki
Facebook: Fiction Freak
Twitter: Nikki_Wang

Welcome & Introduction!

If you are here you are AWESOME! This is a new blog started by me, Lisseth, and my fabulous co-blogger Nikki. So what is this blog about?
This idea was born out of the head of Nikki. She did a post HERE, talking about this:
"bloggers are like the book paparazzi. I mean, a cover is revealed: 10 minutes later at least 7 blogs have the cover on their blog and by the end of the day everyone's abuzz. Same with a title reveal, giveaway, and other book stuff. I feel like bloggers can literally sniff out bookish news."
SO here we will be talking & bringing you news on ALL THINGS YA! Author tour schedules, if we hear of another blog tour that's going on, A few giveaway alerts, Cover reveals, and title reveals.
First of all, before we start bringing you some awesome news, let us introduce ourselves! I'm first, then Nikki will introduce herself later.
About Me!
Hi! My name is Lisseth Torres, I'm 18, and I am addicted to life, books, and dreaming.
I love to read. I write when I can. Poetry calms me. Singing makes me happy.
I also discovered that I am addicted to blogs. I just can't stop joining ?
I took on blogging just this year. Hopefully I'll have success like many other bloggers I follow.
I am the HEAD BLOGGER(meaning I do 90% of the work) over at my blog Read-A-holicZ.
Plus I LOVE to make these graphics. I do most of the graphics here & my other blog.
Like this one:
and this one I did 4 Nikki:
and this one Just for FUN! =P :
LOL. I have too much fun making these. Well nice meeting you all!
Follow me: Twitter / Facebook / Blog / Goodreads
It is a pleasure to be here telling you all about YA News & I have NEWS for you! As of tomorrow we will be having having our FIRST GIVEAWAY as a WELCOME PRESENT! So be back here tomorrow!!
Thanks for stopping by & A BIG WELCOME!! =)