Sunday, August 5, 2012


YAY I am SO Happy that The Book Paparazzi has reached 90 FOLLOWERS!!! That was pretty fast, more followers actually than Nikki & I got in a month! SO THANK YOU to all our BOOK PAPARAZZI'S!!
Now onto GIVEAWAYS!!! There are so many going around right now. BUT i will only highlight a fraction of those today. SO lets's start!
Reading in Paradise 100 followers GIVEAWAY!!
My friend Tayte has finally reached the 100 followers mark! YAY! here is what she says;
First, I like to thank all of the commenters out there. I love comments, and thanks for commenting on my posts.
Second, thank yous go out too all the bloggers I've talked to and follow. You guys rock.
Thirdly, thank yous goes to you guys, for reading and following my blog. I am surprised that I made it this far. I didn't expect to do it for nearly a whole year."
Shes giving away a copy of Cold Kiss or a $10 dollar Amazon gift card or any book on her trade list! SO just click the giveaway button to ENTER!!!
End of Summer Giveaway- Pick Any Summer Release
Wake up @ & is doing an AWESOME giveaway for the end of summer! Here is what she says,
"So the end of August officially marks the End of Summer. (At least, for me.) Because of that, I'm giving away any book that was released this Summer, 2012!
As this giveaway will last through the end of August, you can pick any, (since they'll all be released). Here are some suggestions (obviously you can pick something not on this list):"
To enter go HERE!!! And yes it is INTERNATIONAL!
Nawanda Files reach 1,000 FOLLOWERS!!
So it's happened...I have reached OVER 1000 followers. Excuse me while I go faint. I've only been blogging a little over six months and I'm stunned at all the amazing support. THANK YOU, soooo much!!!! I seriously don't know how else I can express my appreciation than to have an awesome giveaway!
What's happened in the past six months? I've started a blog, taken my MCAT, applied to medical school...basically insanity has happened. Pure insanity. The best thing about starting this blog has been reading. I'm reading more now than I have since high school. I had forgotten how much I truly enjoyed it, and being able to talk about books with you lovely followers is the icing on the cake. And for that I'm truly thankful. Now on to the giveaway!
Two lucky followers will win a choice of book from The Book Depository or Amazon (if you live in the US) up to $15! The books can be pre-orders if you so wish. I know I'm itchin' for some September releases myself.
To enter just click the giveaway button!
Indie Love GIVEAWAY (International) Kick start to Indie Love MONTH! :D
Hey Book Lovers! So today starts INDIE LOVE MONTH!!! Starting today and going until September 5th I will be doing everything Indie here at YA-Aholic, there will be interviews, reviews, this big giveaway AND more giveaways through out the month! So make sure you come back to check out what's new for the indie month ! :D
Why am I doing an Indie Love month? Because I have alot of indie authors that I love, and this month is dedicated to them as kinda of a thank you for being so awesome and always showing support for my blog and being so kind!
400 followers Extravaganza!! over @ WinterHaven Books
Wow! Just wow! We haven’t taken our party hats off from our 300 Followers Celebration and we’re already launching our 400 Followers Extravaganza! We’re so excited that we wanted to take a moment to give a heartfelt thank you to our new followers and our existing followers for continuing to party with us as we grow our blog.
As a special thank you, we’re offering … you guessed it! A Book Give-away to show our followers our appreciation for their continued support. So we’re offering one lucky follower a choice of two books from our Summer Release selection below.
This give-away is open internationally to those countries The Book Depository delivers too. Just fill out the rafflecopter and post your response for the following: We’re looking to add an additional page to our blog, so what do you think would be a good addition or feature for our blog to give it an added winter flare?
The winner will choose two from the following selection:
To enter go HERE!
#1: Anteater Boy (US only) Click picture to enter!
#2: ALSO comment Contest all through AUGUST! So comment on any post in August on my blog and ur entered to win an AWESOME YA book...but it's a mystery!
So go & ENTER!!!


  1. Thanks for featuring my giveaway, you guys! I already got a lot of hits because of it. :)

    And also awesome list.

    1. No problem Isabella! Thanks for making such an AWESOME giveaway! ^__^