Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday: Giveaways! (4)

YAY I am SO Happy that The Book Paparazzi has reached 90 FOLLOWERS!!! That was pretty fast, more followers actually than Nikki & I got in a month! SO THANK YOU to all our BOOK PAPARAZZI'S!! Now onto GIVEAWAYS!!! There are so many going around right now. BUT i will only highlight a fraction of those today. SO lets's start!
Swag Pack GIVEAWAY!!!
Okay so this is the first giveaway that Book-Mark's the spot is holding. I remember my first giveaway, it was hard because i had like 3 followers BUT i spread the word & NOW i want to help this awesome small-ish blog, that I adore!
What can YOU WIN...
ENTER HERE!& Follow them! =)
300 Followers GIVEAWAY!!!
The lovely Writing Belle is having there 300 follower giveaway & the blogger want's "to go all out and host my own giveaway! So I want to give you the chance to win some of the hottest summer YA reads on the shelves." SO ENTER HERE!!!!NOW!
Giveaway: Signed copy of The Scorpio Races (INT.)
This sounds like an awesome giveaway! YA Book Season is giving away ONE SIGNED copy of the Scorpio Races!!!!
It looks so Pretty! To enter just click here!
That's it for now, see u next week! =)

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