Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday: BLOG TOURS (4) Late edition!

Sorry guys, but i forgot to post the blog tours that were happening this past week. I AM REALLY,REALLY SOWWY! besides Nikki didn't have anything planed for today, SO it worked out in the end! Let's start, this week i only searched & found 3 INTERESTING BLOG TOURS.
1) EDEN’S ROOT, by Rachel Fisher
Sorry but this one already finished yesterday.
2) Fall For You by Cecilia Gray
This tour ends TODAY, BUT for the complete tour schedule & giveaways check HERE!
3) Pretty Sacrfices by Devin O'Branghan
In the post-apocalyptic world following a pandemic, dark angels arrive in Glory's small hometown to claim the eternal souls of her loved ones.
Targeted by evil because of her heroism during the great plague, Glory fights back with the help of gutsy young witch Kaia, inexperienced guardian angel Sasha, and her intrepid demon-fighting dog Hallelujah.
Complicating everything, a rift in time reunites Glory with an old flame and forces her to pay a huge price for love. The legend of Glory continues!
For the complete tour schedule check HERE!!
I don't know if i'll get in trouble for saying this BUT we might we might be getting some help from another AWESOME blogger.Who? You'll have to wait & see... ;)
That's it & follow!

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