Thursday, November 29, 2012

We're Back in Business = [New Design & New Paparazzi!!]

HEY GUYS, it's Lisseth from Read-A-holicZ!!! Finally The Book Paparazzi is Back in Action. It's been a LONG time. 1 month turned into 2 months, and would have gone to 3, if i wasn't finishing school. (PHEW)
This calls for DANCE PARTY!!!

Now, back to business. Did ya notice the New Design?? NO. Well, it got a WHOLE MAKEOVER!! Courtesy of ME =D I've making over blogs for a few weeks now, so y not do it here. [psst, I DO FREE BLOG DESIGNS, check here for more info]
ALSO Nikki & Eileen, might not be able to post here on TBP for many reasons (sad I know) BUT I am SUPER GIDDY to introduce you to our NEW PAPARAZZI!!!! [one of my Best Blogging Friends]...
Hannah [INKY] from Book Haven Extraordinaire
About Inky:
HI! Sup? I go by Inky on the blog/twitter/etc, but my REAL name -I'm about to divulge a great secret so listen close- is Hannah. *the earth shatters* I'm a 15 year old American book blogger living in the great state of California. I LOVE this place. It's amazing. I mean who doesn't love the ocean or DISNEYLAND. I've lived here since I was a wee little one year old and I love it here.
I'm nuts about books. But then again, logic would argue that "Why in the world would she be book blogging if she hated books?" Very good question. Luckily, we don't need to answer it. Suffice it to say I love reading, writing, Nanowrimoing, anything that has to do with the written word. I read about kick-butt heroines and anything YA. I write about sparkly people and witches who accidentally-not-on-purpose blow up houses with potions. Words ROCK. I consider myself a very social, interactive, outgoing, exuberant girl. I love PEOPLE. Even if they are fictional. People rock the world. I've got seven younger siblings of which I'm the oldest. I love my little minion siblings. ;)
I love drama, hence acting and singing. I'm obsessed to the bone with Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera. BEST. MUSICALS. EVER. Wicked is the second-or 3rd- best. I Dream the Dream and sing the Music of the Night ALL THE TIME. Or maybe more correctly, I sing Music in the Night all the time. Musicals just rock.
I aspire to be a NYT bestselling author before I die. I aspire to film a music video for my spoof of We Are Young. I aspire to be a Princess at Disneyland. I aspire to hang out at the mall with my BFFS eating yogurt out of a mayo jar. I aspire to do the shuffle on the moon. I aspire to be a mom. I aspire to inspire before I expire.
Find and Follow her on:
Hannah & me have BIG plans for the Book Paparazzi! Stay tuned and we'll be posting here in no time =D There is some SERIOUS BOOK NEWS we have to share!! PLUS some AWESOME EVENTS for you and a GIVEAWAY ;)

WHO'S EXCITED??! Leave a Comment =D


    (Psst. We need to connive together about what we are going to do with this in 2013)

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