Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hey this is NEWS!...sad news =(

As you may have noticed The post's here on the Book Paparazzi have been getting fewer and fewer. NOT because of lack of content BUT because WERE all heading back to school. Yes, the horrible SCHOOL!
Nikki & Eileen are headed off to school once more and I, Lisseth, will be starting COLLEGE!! @_@ It kinda feels surreal. SO with school comes the Homework and the projects and the were gonna all be stressed, I know Nikki is hating that MATH already XD
PLUS on top of that we all have our own BLOGS! That just add so much more to our plates [P.S Eileen runs like 4 blogs O_O] SO with much heartache, it pains me to say...
That we are CLOSING DOWN.
NO! This is NOT GOODBYE...
it's just a break. We'll be back here SOON and hopefully with an AWESOME welcome back giveaway [Hosted by Me, here]. Their might be a post here and there once in a while BUT nothing everyday. We tried, really we did, BUT we just can't, were NOT all WONDER WOMAN, you know ;D
Yes, a break will do us all good! We'll be back with a TON of content and HAPPY! =D We thank & HUG each and every one of you for following us! HOPEFULLY you will still be here when we come back.
So until next time, BYE!
-From Lisseth, Nikki, and Eileen [Check us on our blogs!]
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